Thank you so so so much for helping me dive in Cozumel. It was such an incredible experience and I am looking forward to becoming certified and going on future dive trips. You were so calm and such a steady presence, which made me feel safe and comfortable during the dives.
Chas Perry
The staff at LDC are fantastic. Recently they took the time to help with a class that they weren't even hosting. I was in a class for public safety divers and Greg came out to support us in our class. The entire time Greg asked questions about our procedures and what equipment we use and need to fulfill our mission. LDC filled and delivered our bottles to our class in a show of unsolicited support. Class act these guys are. The interest in all things diving and support for the community shines bright at LDC.
Woody Slate
Came in today after being gone for 6 years since I was medically retired from being an Army Diver to get some much needed gear before my next trip with Operation Blue Pride and the service was excellent! They did everything they could to assist with my special needs (both my legs are amputated) and made me feel comfortable and enabled me to get everything I needed, thanks so much!! look forward to seein y'all more often now that I'm back in my hometown and back on the bottom breathing compressed gas!!
David Wheeler
Returning from the Manatee trip in Florida, amazing time! Kathy and Andrew were great leaders and met a new group of awesome dive friends.
Tami Imrich
Great trip to Cozumel with LDC this past week! Thanks to Kathy for putting it all together!! Next trip, Honduras!!
Joe LaMontagne
Best place to find out anything about diving the Atlantic! Check them out and like their page. Let's Go Diving!